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FDOT Civil 3D 2018 State Kit – new release

The FDOT Civil 3D 2018 State Kit is now available (2017-12-22). You probably received this announcement from FDOT. FDOT2018 C3D 2018 & AutoCAD State Kit Release, (version 01.00.00) is now available. New release. Installation Guide and Download from: There are a few things you need to do to your existing installation of Civil 3D […]

Changes in the Design Manual Prompted by Florida’s Complete Streets

The Complete Streets initiative is the driving force behind changes to the Design Manual. The documented design practices needed many revisions in order to conform to the recommendations found in the Complete Streets Implementation Plan. Designers should take the time to become familiar with Complete Streets thought processes that will help you make better design […]

Would you, could you, on a Trail?

Enough Seuessing around…get your project funded and use the FDOT Civil 3D 2017 State Kit to plan it, design it, or build it. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is soliciting new proposals for funding Regional Trail System and Individual Trail projects through the Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail program for inclusion in the Tentative Five […]

FDOT Office of Design – Divisions   The Office of Design leads, guides and supports the design community to deliver innovative transportation solutions. Our Divisions are Production Support, Roadway Design, Structures Design and Surveying and Mapping. Production Support provides leadership, guidance and support for managing and delivering the design phase of projects. We assist designers, project managers, consultants and FDOT […]

Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator – released Oct 2014

Productivity Tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 includes the Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator. Autodesk® Civil Engineering Data Translator
The Autodesk® Civil Engineering Data Translator provides users with the ability to share project design data (for example, surfaces, alignments, profiles, points) between AutoCAD Civil 3D and legacy civil software environments.

FDOT Civil 3D State Kit Users Welcome Message is designed to focus on FDOT Civil 3D State Kit users. Previous posts regarding maintenance releases for obsolete versions of the FDOTxxxx Civil 3D State Kit have been removed.