FDOT Transportation Symposium 2020

FDOT policies, procedures and best practices get their yearly tune-up with the FDOT Transportation Symposium now presented as a series of webinars.


A release schedule for recordings of the presentations collectively known as the FDOT Transportation Symposium 2020 are found online. The first presentations started in June 2020 and the last presentations are scheduled for release in March 2021.

Notable presentations of interest to CAD users are listed below.

In July CADD Manual, CADD Tools, and CADD Platform Updates was posted. I am eagerly awaiting for Next Generation “NexGen” plans in March 2021

The FDOT Civil 3D State Kit is not getting much attention. The primary reason for this starts with project managers. Project managers have the power to specify which CAD platform will be used for a project’s deliverables. Without the support of FDOT project managers Civil 3D has no future at FDOT. Eventually FDOT will be facing the same issues that brought Civil 3D to the table back in 2008. History rhymes.