Civil 3D for Project Managers

Your ability to view and navigate 3D models is essential to keeping up with technology. Your ability to verify the design specifications are met by the 3D model is very important.
You do not need extensive CADD skills just the basic tools for navigation and checking dimensions, slopes, areas, and volumes. 3D models can help you find utility conflicts or slope overruns outside the ROW. Civil 3D and Microstation are both 3D modeling tools.

2D sheets are not the future. 3D models are here and now.

2D Sheets are not the future. 3D models are here and now. NextGen Plans specs now appear in the FDOT Design Manual, Section 900.

The first step for a project manager is to learn to use model viewing tools. If you don’t have Civil 3D installed on your computer you can install DWG TruView for free from Autodesk. It is OK to ask for help. The FDOT CADD Support staff are there to assist you.

Civil 3D has a mature set of features and workflows developed over the past 15 years.

Project managers need a CADD production team that has confidence they can complete a project using the FDOT Civil 3D State Kit.  Build your team’s skills with training and on the job mentored experiences.  Add “Learn 3D Tools” to your to-do list. Be persistent with your learning efforts. Lean on the experts at to build your confidence in Civil 3D as your go-to workflow for project deliverables. Your outside consultants are competent and capable of delivering your project using FDOT20xx Civil 3D State Kit. If they ask you to allow them to deliver a project using Civil 3D be confident in their abilities and say yes.