FDOT Civil 3D 2017 State Kit Maintenance Release 1 – Hot Fix 1

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Production Support CADD Office has announced the release of FDOT2017.C3D MR1 HOT FIX 1! (Version 01.01.01)
FDOT2017.C3D MR1 HOT FIX 1 is an update for the original release of FDOT2017.C3D MR1 (April of 2017). This HOT FIX 1 Release is intended to support changes to FDOT procedural documents, such as the Plans Preparation Manual, Basis of Estimates and Design Standards and other issues and flaws reported to the CADD office.
The update consists of a Self-Extracting ZIP file that can be applied to a Stand-Alone Workstation installation.
The ZIP file contains a “what’s new” document. Installation instructions and a link to download the software are available on the CADD Office Download page

Updates from Autodesk are no longer bundled. Log into your Autodesk account to find separate updates for Civil 3D, Map 3D, and AutoCAD. Also, Bing Maps 7 expires June 30, 2017 and is replaced by Bing Maps 8. You need to install a hot fix to keep GEOMAP functioning correctly. More info on Bing 8 Hot Fix

Other installation anomalies you may encounter.
Palettes and subassemblies won’t work if installed as admin. Login as user then install.

No official announcements have been made regarding the release of an FDOT Civil 3D 2018 State Kit. Historically they have been released 6 to 8 months after a new Civil 3D release.

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